Cesari Reed Case Studies
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03 Feb Case Study #119

THE ASK: The client came to us with some cooler innovations, seeking advice on IP protection and licensing. OUR SOLUTION: The client loves beer. We love beer. It was a match for success. We did a lot of can math to determine the number...

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02 Feb Case Study #323

THE ASK: A husband and wife team came to our offices to discuss a new, at-home in vitro fertilization device. OUR SOLUTION: We discussed how they conceived…of the device. We reviewed hundreds of in vitro devices and provided insights about existing devices to the...

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01 Feb Case Study #254

THE ASK: A client was referred to us the day before a major meeting with an angel investor. He needed IP protection and licensing advice ASAP. OUR SOLUTION: We worked out a flat fee arrangement to let us do the work quickly as...

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30 Jan Case Study #54

THE ASK: A client came to us with hunting innovations for targeting, tracking and killing game. OUR SOLUTION: We went to the firing range to test the innovation and hit a target 750 yards away. Loud, accurate firearms are cool. We drew some...

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28 Jan Case Study #80

THE ASK: A client contacted us about a new radio frequency antenna design for receiving television signals on airline flights. OUR SOLUTION: We reviewed photographs of various designs during a telephone conference with the inventor. Then, we watched an in-flight movie on the...

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